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Friday, May 25, 2018

Shutter Flag

I love when I get to restore items that once had true quality and craftsmanship.  These shutters where being tossed out after being removed during a renovation.  I see things for what they can be, not what they are.

To begin..

  • First find some old shutters (I love to garage sale or go to second hand construction stores, they have a wide variety)
  • Sand down and remove any defects you find
  • Prep a surface to paint the base coat, I used white for this flag project
  • Stencil in a star or hand draw into a section of lathe to represent the square
  • Now paint the blue square at the top around the stencil star
  • Find the horizontal lathe and paint two at a time red (resembling the stripes on the American Flag!)
  • I used a Gloss paint to have a high resistance but if you choose a more subtle finish you may need to clear coat over to seal in the paint
  • Find a spot indoors or outdoors to show off your American Pride.

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