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Monday, April 9, 2018

Rainbow and Pot of Gold

Rainbow Finger Prints & Pot of Gold

This was a fun St. Patrick's Day Craft I did with my kids. 


  1. Have all materials ready. I put a small amount of each of the colors of paint on a paper plate so they were ready for the little fingers. 
  2. Cut a pot out of the black paper. Glue it towards the bottom and one side of the white paper. 
  3. Starting with the red paint, make finger prints in a rainbow shape. Continue with the other colors in the order of the rainbow. Wash your hands between each color. 
  4. If you would like you can add some fingerprint shamrocks around the rainbow. 
  5. Using the liquid glue, spread some around the top of your pot. Sprinkle the gold glitter on the glue. 
  6. Keep your artwork laying flat to dry. Hang it up!
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